Testimonial Offerings from Community of Students & Clients

Watch out LA! Here comes Mamta! Yes!!! So excited for you and all your students. I can attest to her brilliance. It’s not just the knowledge she attains, it’s the way she conveys it, that makes her a magnificent teacher. It’s like the best magic spell that ever was bestowed on you…Rumin.Oakland CA.


“There are a few people who touch you so deeply and change your life and for me, Mamta Landerman in such person in my life. She was our instructor at the Ayurveda Wellness Counselor program. She taught some of the more difficult topics in Ayurveda. She made them simple and easy to comprehend. Her own pragmatic approach, experiences and examples, prepared us well for this field.  Ms. Landerman is a prolific speaker. When she spoke, I hung on every word she said. I couldn't have enough of her. Her knowledge, wisdom and intuition in the field of Ayurveda in unparalleled. Later, I brought her for a riveting talk on Vedic Astrology at our local Community Center where she wowed the entire crowd with the depth of her understanding of the topic and ability to explain it with simplicity”…Anu. Seattle. WA.


“It was an honor to have you as my teacher! The material that you covered is remarkable and logical and answered a lot of questions that I have had for years… Douglas. Seattle. WA.


"Mamta, I am one of the students in the Kerala program up in Seattle.  I just wanted to thank you for the gift of your presence and knowledge.  Your teaching is exactly what I've been hoping for in this process.  You really brought a full idea of Ayurveda to the classroom, and I was able to see how all three parts (body, mind, spirit) fit together. Your energy, your love of the ancient science of Ayurveda, and your kindness made a deep impact on me. Thank you. With gratitude"…Carrie.Seattle. WA


"I just wanted to send you a note expressing my gratitude for everything you shared this past weekend.  I am honored to have studied with you and wish I had more opportunity to learn even more from you.  Your knowledge and energy is most beautiful and I have a feeling it will be very long lasting as I still feel the buzz/Shakti from being in your presence for just two days. Thanks again. Om peace and love"…Bhakti. Seattle. WA


"Thank you for such a great weekend, your teaching makes one of the hardest subjects seem do-able"…Tina.Seattle


"Thank you ever so much for a lovely two days of Ayurvedic lectures on the mind.Your teaching style was fun and thorough and I really appreciate the way you covered everything from a conceptual level.  Your diagrams helped a lot.  Thank you also for walking us through the Pranayama exercises – I will be showing these to my parents and brothers this weekend".…Kimberley. Seattle. WA


"Hello Mamta, I wanted to take a moment to write you and thank you for the amazing lecture you gave for Kerala Ayurveda Academy last weekend. I'm one of the current AWC students. You had such charismatic and relate-able way of communicating the material which was so helpful and catalyzing for me. I just loved and appreciated your time, efforts and teaching style. So many blessings to you!"...Heidi. Mendocino. CA.


"I signed up for Jyotisha not really knowing what to expect, except that I was curious in learning more about astrology and how I could incorporate it into my practice. And I'm so glad I did - this course is one of my favorites. Mamta is a wonderful, patient, and passionate teacher. I left the first weekend feeling overwhelmed with the depth of the subject, but each consecutive weekend Mamta explained a different layer, making it accessible. Her love of Jyotisha is contagious and each weekend left me excited for the next. I am anxiously waiting for Level 2!".…Heidi. Sacramento. CA.


"Mamta is a gifted, intuitive jyotishi with a warm heart and uncanny sense of pinpointing exactly what you need to hear. I found myself going back to what she told me several times during the months after my reading -- reminding myself of the guidance and meaning of the circumstances in my life. Definitely going to consult her ongoing! I think of her as a mentor, a teacher, and a friend".…Afrin. Seattle. WA.


"Mamta is an awesomely brilliant teacher…she teaches as if she is plugged into the ether…then channels the knowledge/wisdom with exquisite grace. Don’t walk…but run! To her class!!...This is one grateful student of yours".…Shakti. Pacific Grove CA.


"Mamta’s warmth and sincerity is immediately apparent, but it is her wisdom that is truly inspiring. She walks with you through your subconscious as a teacher and a friend, describing its many layers like the plants growing in a garden. She is a great guide, and I would absolutely recommend her to anyone seeking to journey inward"…Colin. Los Angeles.CA.


"Mamta's reading of my birth chart accurately outlined past and current challenges and successes.  Her frank and nurturing approach gave me comfort in asking questions that have been lingering.  She was also extremely perceptive of feelings that I couldn't put into words and illuminated connections I have had with others in my life which I have had a difficult time sorting through on my own.  In the few months since my reading I continue to confront lingering challenges in a new way, and have made incremental personal successes I am proud of.  Whenever I get worked up in frustration, I think of the reading and feel a calm focus.  My direction has never been more clear to me".