JUST RELEASED! Podcast Series on Ayurveda

You Are What You Digest, in Conversation with Mamta Landerman, CAS

Developed in collaboration with my dear friend, Rumin Jehangir, the brilliant Founder of Chit.Chaat.Chai, a holistic living & wellness digital zine inspired by Ayurveda

This 3-episode podcast series, takes the listener through each of the three realms of digestion : physical, emotional and mental. Through the lens of Ayurveda,  each level is discussed in-depth,  using stories and analogies to make this time-tested wisdom digestible.  As the series progresses, we discuss how all three realms are interconnected and work synergistically. We hope this episodic journey provides you with insight on how Ayurveda approaches digestion and supports your path to healthy digestion. 

All three episodes can be streamed and are also available to listen on  iTunes and Soundcloud

Episode 1: Physical Digestion

In the first episode of this 3-part podcast series, we talk about digestion as a continuous process that extends beyond the gut and into the seven tissues, through the lens of Ayurveda. Covering topics such as the digestive fire, indigestion, ama or toxins, eating habits, food choices, and how everyday kitchen spices can aid in supporting digestion within the physical body. Approximately 30 minutes

Episode 2 : Emotional Digestion

In the second episode of this 3-part podcast series, we talk about digestion on the emotional realm. Discussing the impact the subtle body has on the gross. Using the same terminology from the previous episode we show the relationship between the physical and the emotional bodies while providing a broader view on the understanding of digestion. Approximately 30 minutes

Episode 3: Mental Digestion

In the final episode, weabout digestion within the mental realm. Discussing Ayurveda’s view on the mind and the role the intellectual fire plays in supporting physical and mental digestion. Approximately 30 minutes

All the episodes are available to listen on  iTunes and Soundcloud

COMING NEXT: A series of Ayurveda talks elaborating on the podcast series: "You are what you Digest"

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