How do I set up an appointment?

Please send me an email or call, and we can set up an appointment.

Which of the Jyotisha/Vedic Astrology Readings should I get first?

The Natal (Birth) Chart Reading has to be the first reading you get. The Natal Chart discloses your personality, your desires, aspirations, talents and your ability to follow /accomplish your goals in any area of your life. Home, Career, Health, Relationship etc. It is only after exploring these that the other readings give deeper insights. 

How important is an accurate Birth Time?

With changes in birth times, the whole chart can change. Therefore, an accurate birth Time is of primary importance. It is best to take it from a documented form such as a Birth Certificate, if available rather than from memory. If you are approximate, within four hours of your birth, a rectification may need to be done. This is a separate charge and depends on how long it takes. Please call /email me about this.

How are consultations done?

I prefer consultations in person, however I also do Jyotisha consultations using Skype or on the phone. A current photograph is necessary. Ayurveda consultations are only given in person. Occasionally once I get to know you, I may offer Consultations on the phone.

Do you record session?

I do not record sessions. I suggest you take notes.

How often does one get Jyotisha Readings?

Clients can get readings usually on an annual basis, or as events arise in a person’s life where they need a perspective. It depends on the individual.

How do I gift a Reading?

Please contact me and I can guide you through it.

What kind of payments do you accept?

Paypal, check, money order.

NOTE: Jyotisha readings take time to prepare beforehand. All payments need to be paid at least one week in advance. Once your chart is prepared, the amount is non-refundable. If due to emergency you need to cancel, I ask you reschedule the appointment to take place within 30 days.